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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Steak "Fries"

While on Atkins, I miss French fries.  I miss them more than I miss cake or cookies or doughnuts or baked potatoes.  But, honestly, I miss the salt and ketchup almost as much as I miss French fries.  What's the solution?  Turnips!

I used to hate turnips.  I can't tell you the number of times my granddaddy tried to get me to eat turnips and I wouldn't do it.  I would spit them out!  Now that I'm back on Induction (I stayed on Maintenance way too long), I don't eat potatoes.  In fact, I haven't eaten potatoes in over a year.  I miss French fries.

When frying turnips, you can julienne (like thin French fries) them or make "steak" fries (thicker pieces) out of them.  However you decide to slice them, weigh your turnips before cooking.  That's really the most efficient way to figure the carb count.  I cut this turnip in half, then sliced the pieces like steak fries--and divided it into two servings.

Once cut and weighed (and entered into your food log), fry the turnip slices.  I use a small deep-fryer with a good vegetable oil (olive oil is not recommended for deep frying). 

This is not a quick will need to fry the turnips for a minimum of 10-15 minutes, stirring regularly.  Unlike potatoes, turnips are not cooked when they start to float.  You have to cook them a little longer.  If you're like me, you need to set a timer or you will forget they are cooking.

Once the turnips are golden (and cooked), dip them out of the oil and place on a paper towel to drain.  If you let them sit a few minutes, they will crisp up a little--but they never get as crisp as potatoes.  Sprinkle a little seasoned salt over the turnips and serve with 1 TBS of SF ketchup.  (You only need the taste of ketchup--contrary to popular belief, ketchup is NOT a veggie.)

Carb count depends on the weight of the turnip you use.

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