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Sunday, June 17, 2012


Welcome to my blog!  I've blogged on a private site and will be transferring some of those blogs here.  Those are my "life lessons" blogs.  I also have a group on facebook, Lo-Carb Fat Camp.  I write a few documents there, and LOTS of recipes.  I will also transfer some of those here, too--as time permits.

I've lived a low-carb lifestyle for most of my adult life.  It has helped me keep diabetes at bay for over 30 years, but I my recent flip from hypoglycemia to diabetes makes a low-carb lifestyle imperative.  I am back on Atkins for good.  Because of debilitating allergies to wheat, corn, and sugar, I won't be adding those things back--even on Maintenance.  I prefer real food (or "ingredients" as one of my friends says) to processed foods, and that means that low carbing is EASY!  Life is good!

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