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Monday, June 25, 2012

Radish Chips

1 serving = 1 net C (nC)
These were GREAT!  I will definitely make them again!

Ingredients: 10 red & white radishes

Wash radishes--I use 10 drops of grapefruit-seed extract in almost one gallon of water.

 This whole bowl is only 1 net carb!

Place the sliced radishes in a zip-lock bag and toss with a bit of olive oil.
Layer the radishes on dehydrator trays and sprinkle with seasoned salt.

Dehydrate for about 5 hours--start checking at about 4 hours.  You want them to be completely dry, but not too hard.  (I used the same bowl for the 'end' picture to show how much the radishes reduced in size while dehydrating.)

Volley's Notes: 
  • These would have been better if I'd used only the largest slices of radish. Next time, I'll use the smaller end slices in salad and save the larger middle slices for dehydrating.
  • I made my slices too thin.  Next time I'll use a knife instead of the Salad Queen and make my slices about twice as thick as these.
  • You should spray the dehydrator trays with PAM before spreading the radishes.  I didn't this time, and some of them stuck fast.  I was hoping that the olive oil would keep the slices from sticking, but it didn't.

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